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// The Beckett Group

Software Artisans

The Beckett Group is the solution provider for even the most complex technology challenges.


We are highly experienced, dedicated and committed to providing you the highest quality software.


We love what we do and our passion is directly expressed in the quality of work we put into your product.

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Our Services

Web Development

We take pride in every line of code we write and the performance of every site we build. Let us build your web application and see the difference we produce.

QA & Testing

We believe in test-first development and your application will be feature complete and thoruoghly tested and qualified when delivered.


Mobile first responsive to native mobile design. We will provide you with the right mobile solution you would expect for your business to succeed.

IT Consulting

We stay ahead of the knowledge and our consultants are leaders in the field. Our advisors give first in class direction in the industry.

UI/UX Design

We are experienced and skilled at providing the cleanest and most effective user interfaces and delivering the finest user experience available.

Dedicated Team

We have been providing best in class services for over a decade. The Beckett Group will deliver the results you expect from a top-tier provider.

Industries Worldwide

Every industry has is own unique challenges and we provide solutions that address those challenges in every industry.

Happy Customers

For over 15 years we have succeded at providing software solutions for all of our clients and we will succeed for you too.

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The Beckett Group, Inc.

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